Saturday, 22nd - 1 day course on planning your own herb garden, at the Woodland Skills Centre, Bodfari


29th & 30th- 2 day course on growing and using medicinal plants, at the Woodland Skills Centre, Bodfari

Courses at the Woodland Skills Centre, Bodfari

In April 2017, during the first course at the Woodland Skills Centre, we established a herb garden from scratch. Returning for the September course that year, it was amazing to see how quickly bare, unimproved earth with a few young plants had become a flourishing garden.

This garden, with over 50 herbs, is designed as a teaching garden. It helps people learn to recognise the plants and think about how they might develop their own herb gardens during the Spring course, and offers fresh herb material for us during the Autumn course, when we look at the basics of making traditional herbal remedies for use at home.

Medieval Re-enactment

Cassie has been a medieval re-enactor and living history demonstrator for over 10 years. At these events, she displays fresh and dried herbs, introducing people to the plants used as medicine in the past, and many still used today.

Bolsover Castle, 2017
Chirk Castle, 2017

Cassie is a part of the Marcher Freemen, a re-enactment group based in the Welsh Marches that mainly focuses on the 15th century and earlier. She plays medieval music, mainly on the Plucked Psaltery, practices finger-loop braiding, the quarterstaff, and archery and helps people learn through Have-a-go Archery, and displays of arrows, armour and weapons.