A first consultation typically takes around an hour and a half.

During this time we will discuss how you'd like the prescription to benefit you. A detailed case history will be taken, through which we will explore the nature and background of whatever you'd like help with and other aspects of your health and lifestyle that may impact or be affected by it.

Blood pressure and pulse readings are usually taken during consultations and where necessary there may be a physical examination (e.g. listening to the chest or taking peripheral pulses) to aid diagnosis where applicable.

Based on all that's learnt during the consultation, you will be provided with a herbal prescription specifically designed for you. This often features a mixture of herbal tinctures, but other forms of herbs - such as teas and creams - may also be provided if they are desired or appropriate.

There will usually be follow-up consultations (around 30 minutes long) taking place a month apart, although this can vary according to your individual needs. These allow any changes in health to be monitored and taken into account when making further prescriptions.
Follow-up consultations may also be available via Skype or telephone.

Once we've established a prescription that benefits you,  follow-up consultations may not be needed on a monthly basis, and may be spread out more, with repeat prescriptions available for an additional dispensing fee


Consultations - £30
Approx cost of a prescription for a week - £5

Postage & Packaging (for sending prescriptions) - £5
Dispensing fee - £5

There may be a small additional charge for travel, depending on the mileage.

Consultations are currently offered as home visits for those in North Wales.

To find out more about consultations or to make an appointment, please get in contact.